Rise Academy launched in September 2018 with our very first Kindergarten class.  By God's grace, we will grow by adding a grade each year.  Rise Academy exists to see students RISE in a Christ-Rooted, holistic educational environment - where they can discover their unique Kingdom calling and invest their lives for the flourishing of their community ... all to the glory of God.

Check us out at www.riseacademyws.org

The Crimson Crown Institute is a year-long internship program designed to grow and mature disciples from our community.  These interns are invested in Rise Church, hungry to grow in Christ-likeness, and to walk out their unique Kingdom Calling.  C.C.I. works through discipleship first steps, life on mission, applied biblical wisdom (Faith & Finances, Jobs For Life, conflict management, etc), biblical manhood & womanhood, and emotional & spiritual maturity.  Using a Head, Heart, and Hands framework, C.C.I. is develping healthy disciples that make healthy disciples.

Rise Together Recovery is a substance abbuse recovery support group that utilizes the G4 model -  "a small group atmosphere where individuals invest a season of their life to overcoming a particular life-dominating struggle of sin or suffering. They provide a safe environment where members learn insights and skills that will allow them to more fully engage in biblical community." They are not a substitute for church family life, but a supplemental ministry of the church body.  

RTR meets weekly

(Note: Meetings on hold due to covid-19 restrictions)

Bible Study

Rise Church host men's and women's bible study groups.  These are meant to provide deeper accountability, encouragement, and community.  Women's Bible Study is hosted at the Wishy-Washy Laundrymat while men's studies are located at Pastor Joe's house. These groups are structured around the PACK acronym:  Prayer, Accountability, Cherish/Commit (Worship & Obey), Keeper (we ARE our brother and sisters keepers).

Please reach out for more info on how to get plugged into one of our weekly Bible Study groups!